Lester Lee – Chinese/English translator and freelance writer

This blog will host articles and other works authored by me in various fields – poetry, philosophy, science, history, politics, current affairs, music – and anything else which seizes my attention and imagination!






化工誰道力難勝  仙嶽瑤池照眼明  色影光被新世界  雪花如掌滿山冰


峰巒九寨似屏環  十丈仙潭萬仞山  臨流天女清波戲  玉骨冰肌自不凡


鴛湖鶴嶺並天高  九寨風光世閒無  恨缺青蓮千綵筆  空留仙境在心圖





相逢萬里抵千杯  饗我青山勝舊醅  何物問渠看不厭  故人雲樹竹松梅


廿重霄漢映青簾  淡素空靈不須添  抹抹蒼茫如淨練  二分秋色一分禪


故舊暌違三十年  素心人住素心軒  謝我滿懷來訪意  堪餐山色放樽前


閱盡紅塵悟大千  歸來幸有買山錢  相看不厭殊難事  翠碧盈眸直欲仙



May 19, 2008 - Posted by | Chinese poetry 詩鈔

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