Lester Lee – Chinese/English translator and freelance writer

This blog will host articles and other works authored by me in various fields – poetry, philosophy, science, history, politics, current affairs, music – and anything else which seizes my attention and imagination!






雲夢瀟湘五柳身  此心安處即桃源  五季年年生意滿  芳津長繫武陵船


莫怨飄蓬些子身  此心安處是桃源  五季年年生意滿  芳津長繫武陵船               


雲夢瀟湘五柳身  此心安處是桃源  五季年豐雞黍熟  古津深泊武陵船


樂事良辰古不全  此心安處即桃源  且趁春回芳草綠  共君浮白武陵船               


業障輪迴苦不宣  此心安處是桃源  捨得一泓春水碧  早登彼岸了因緣


暴桀強嬴縷不窮  此心安處是桃源  莫思無窮身外事  壺觴載月泛湖船        


世道漸艱去意萌  此心安處即桃源  濁酒寒蔬貧亦樂  古津長繫武陵船


覓得桃源方寸間  悠雲野鶴適長閒  莫道菊翁愚且魯  華堂不及此湖山




May 19, 2008 - Posted by | Chinese poetry 詩鈔

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